Spicing up my room with Chalkboard Art.

Spicing up my room with Chalkboard Art.


Morning Start-up



Purchase this CD: http://consciousdiscipline.com/store/pc/It-Starts-in-the-Heart-6p5.htm

Every Morning I start my circle time with standing, dancing, and singing! This is the CD  I use.  It is apart of  Conscious Discipline  by Becky Bailey. My first song I use is Track 2:  Get Ready!

 TRACK 2 Get Ready:

This song provides actions and I have added my own to keep the kids busy the whole time!

TRACK 6: My School Family

I use this track second. It also has actions provided, waving to friends, shaking hands, hugging, etc. I have again added movement to the parts that do not have actions provided by the song. I use the track to teach sign language. We sign school and family.





TRACK 4: That was Helpful

I use this track as my clean up song instead of yelling over the voices during free play… I simple walk over and turn on the song and help kids pick up. Way easier!

Solution Kit



Large Solution Kit Printable Cards


This is another amazing tool provided by CSEFEL program. I have this as a laminated book in a special spot  that the kids can grab anytime there is a conflict. This book helps children find a solution with common classroom conflicts by giving them options. It is also a time saver. When tattling is a problem and you are always sorting out interpersonal conflicts…you can teach your children to go to the solution kit first and then if they can sort out a reasonable solution there is a card just for “Get the Teacher’.