Weather Lesson

April is a Month of crazy weather, there are days were its beautiful and sunny, the next its snowing. I have used this month to introduce a weather lesson. We discuss anything from types of clouds and what they  predict in the weather to extreme weather!

Creating a Weather Chart

Step one: add a fun way to introduce and trace weather.  I create a Weather Calendar by taking a old cork board or whiteboard and label it with the days of the week and a space above to write or stick the month and year.  Then use velcro dots to add the days in the month. The start tracking. I have could some weather pictures with the weather word labeled on it. I use these to add the weather words into my morning meeting time.


Printable weather cardspdf_weather2b also has great printable for the season! Its easy to add the season into a weather lesson .




CHARTS AND GRAPHS: Adding Math to Weather 

From the weather calendar  graph the results of the calendar to a graph and use that to describe what was most, the least, and use that data to predict what the next month will look like.



Money Song



QUICK LINK: Teacher Pay Teachers


Penny, Penny

Easily Spent

Copper, Brown

and worth One cent.


Nickel, Nickel

Thick and fat

You’re worth five cents,

I know that!


Dime, Dime

Little and thin

I remember

your worth ten


Quarter, Quarter

Big and bold

You’re worth

twenty-five, I’m told

Snowman Name Graph



Make a snowman name graph


  • White paper
  • Markers
  • Glue


  • Students take one circle for each letter of their name and one more for a head
  • Arrange finished snow guys on the bulletin board
  • Count everyone’s snowman balls
  • Talk about – are there fewer (or more) names with 7 letters, 5 letters etc.