The Kissing Hand



QUICK LINKS: Read Aloud: Chester, a young raccoon, is anxious about leaving his mother, his toys, and his friends on the first day of school. Lovingly, his mother shares a secret that will help him cope with his new world. First Day of School I can’t say enough on how important this book is to me and my classroom set-up. This is the first book I introduce to kids, parents, and everyone. It has always been hard to leave home and parents. How do you know they are coming back? How do you express that you miss them? Is it okay to be sad? Provide heart stickers or a heart stamp with red ink at the table

  • When the children arrive with their caregiver. Prompt the parents to stamp their child’s hand or give them a sticker. Make sure to emphasize that even if the stamp has washed off or if the sticker falls off that their parent’s love is still there. Recall this activity when reading the story. Have the children give their parent a sticker/stamp the following day and again relate this to the story.

Sign language Have parents and kids learn the sign for “I love you”!



Add this little gesture of love through the door or window to help kids know you are thinking about them when you leave. I have seen the most amazing light come from kids that see their parents sign “I love you” through a door or window. My First Day Hand Print Card My first day of ________________   It’s my first day of _______________ And I am thinking about you. I made this precious handprint So you would think of me, too. It’s the first day of school And ‘The Kissing Hand’ is what we read.   It’s about a raccoon Who did as his parents said. Like the raccoon’s first day of school I was scared and a little shy Because of what you said, I was brave and got by.   All through the year I’ll make things for you So as I change and learn You can witness my growth, too. Love,   Directions: Take the above poem and print it on a side of paper with room on the other side to trace and color a hand print of each child on the first day of school.



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