Morning Start-up



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Every Morning I start my circle time with standing, dancing, and singing! This is the CD  I use.  It is apart of  Conscious Discipline  by Becky Bailey. My first song I use is Track 2:  Get Ready!

 TRACK 2 Get Ready:

This song provides actions and I have added my own to keep the kids busy the whole time!

TRACK 6: My School Family

I use this track second. It also has actions provided, waving to friends, shaking hands, hugging, etc. I have again added movement to the parts that do not have actions provided by the song. I use the track to teach sign language. We sign school and family.





TRACK 4: That was Helpful

I use this track as my clean up song instead of yelling over the voices during free play… I simple walk over and turn on the song and help kids pick up. Way easier!


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