Tucker Turtle



Scripted Stories for Social Situations: http://csefel.vanderbilt.edu/resources/strategies.html#scriptedstories


Tucker Turtle is a scripted story that is part of the CSEFEL program. It is a great story to introduce self regulation and help children understand and work through the emotion of anger.  You can print the story out as is or find your own pictures and make it more personal to your classroom.

The Story

Tucker Turtle is a terrific turtle.  He likes to play with his friends at Wet Lake School.But sometimes things happen that can make Tucker really mad. When Tucker got mad, he used to hit, kick, or yell at his friends. His friends would get mad or upset when he hit, kicked, or yelled at them.Tucker now knows a new way to “think like a turtle” when he gets mad.He can stop and keep his hands, body, and yelling to himself!He can tuck inside his shell and take 3 deep breaths to calm down.Tucker can then think of a solution or a way to make it better.Tucker can then think of a solution or a way to make it better.



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