Weather Word Wall


Here is a great addition to a reading nook, library or circle time to have an word rich environment when teaching about weather!



Groundhog’s Day

 Weather Forecasting Video:

Groundhog’s Day Video:

Groundhog’s Day Puzzle:

Learn ‘Why February 2nd?

Let your kids know that February 2nd is the exact halfway point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox – basically, we’re halfway through the winter season.

Learn about Shadows

Take your kids outside and ask them if they see their shadow.

Talk to kids about what creates a shadow (light and any object blocking the light).  Have them stand in a sunny spot and shady spot so they can see the difference.  And if there’s not sunlight, use a flashlight indoors to help them create shadows on the wall.

Make Your Own Weather Prediction

Many forecasters can tell you all about the science behind predicting the weather.  Tracking historical data and weather patterns in order to learn more about when spring might first arrive.

Why not try your hand at making a prediction?  You might be better than the experts at predicting the coming of spring!

When do you think the warmer weather will begin?


PBS Dragonfly TV: Weather Forecasting Episode:

Groundhog’s Day Book List:

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Fun Facts Sheet on Groundhog’s Day

imageGroundhog’s Day Puzzle


Llama Llama Misses Momma



Support Social Emotional Development Book Nook Page:

Smart Board Matching Game:

Curriculum Connections Guide for Llama Llama Books:

Llama Llama Misses Mama is a book about little Llama on his first day of school. At the beginning of the day, Llama is sad and misses his mamma. Why did she have to leave? Will she come back? By the end of the day Llama has made new friends and has learned how much fun school can be! This story is great for teaching about the schedule of the school day, and for discussing what to do when we miss someone. The rhyming text makes this book fun to read aloud. This is a perfect story to read at the beginning of the school year when some children might be feeling just like little Llama!

In Touch With Feeling


Talk about feeling alone or missing someone. When do we miss them? Why? How we call tell them we miss them?

Making ‘Miss You’ cards

When one of my students is having a hard day we talk about our feeling and how we can tell someone we miss them “without our tears’. A couple years ago a student of mine wanted to write a card for her mom to tell her that she missed her and was having a hard day. This was a great break through. We as a class, then made a writing center to make cards for someone to let them know we missed them.

Now making a card is the first option I throw out when one of my kids is sad. It works fantastically!