Camping Project

Painted Sticks:

We painted sticks that the children found on mature walks they took at home. Provide the children with different types and colors of paint with a variety of paint brushes. Let the children paint what they want and with any means that they want. This is hard to do sometimes, but remember its the PROCESS not the PRODUCT that is important.  From the painted sticks more art can be created! Think out of the box. Picture frames, Wind charms, wall art work…



Color Project

Primary Colors and Secondary Colors: Blending Color Sensory

After discussing and finding primary colors in our classroom, I added 3 bags of paint taped to table.

When doing this project, here are some questions you can ask the child?

  • What colors are in the bag to begin with?
  • What color do you think the two colors will make?
  • What colors do you see? (ask when they are mixing the colors)
  • Point to different shades of the color green and ask them what’s the difference. Point out that there are lighter shades of green and darker shades of green.
  • Challenge the child to squish the colors till it makes one solid color.

What’s nice about this project opposed to just mixing the paint on paper is the results are slower. The child can watch what is happening and see what colors they started with. I also found that children like squishing the bag even when the project is done. And best of all, no mess!

blueyellowcolor HPIM2691

Mixing Color Worksheet

This is a worksheet I have used to color in and make a connection about mixing color and making prediction as well as it helps you connect all the the color mixing. It’s a great reference sheet what is easy to color in and reuse a guide.