Books about Seeds


Sunflower House is another book that extends beyond “seeds,” but I love the pretend play that it encourages. In the book seeds are planted and grown into a special fort for friends to play in. It would be a wonderful book to read when planting your own “sunflower house.”

There were also a few more books that I wanted to include. The books in the widget below might be useful if:

1) You have a preschooler who is particularly intrigued by seeds and wants to know more.

2) You are teaching kids of different ages and want to study the same theme at the same time.

3) You like to have extra books on hand to help research questions that come up during your theme. (I like to be able to show the kids how to find the answer to a question they ask.)


To Be Like the Sun is a lovely poem that shares a little girl’s conversation with a sunflower seed as she follows it through the life cycle of the plant. I love how her curiosity reflects the way young kids approach nature and scientific discovery.


Reading Rose’s Garden immediately reminded Lovey and I of the activities we did with the The Queen of FranceIn this adorable book Rose travels the world in her teapot and collects seeds. She plants them in a dusty forgotten stretch of earth in the city. Then she waits and waits.  But as she does so, she gets quite a surprise and a lot of community involvement in support of her garden.


The Dandelion Seed is the opposite of Dandelion Adventures. In this story one single dandelion seed holds on, afraid to let go. The harder the wind blew, the tighter the seed held on. Then when the seed finally lets go we travel along with the seed until one day the seed takes root and begins to grow on its own. Overtime the seed grows and blooms, and we find ourselves back at the beginning again with one lonely seed hanging on. While this story is great for teaching about how seeds travel and the life cycle of plants, I also love the opportunity it allows for talking about life lessons like growing up and not being afraid of change.


Dandelion Adventures was such a great book that I had to share it even though it is no longer in print. I hope you can find it in your collection or at your local library. This book is perfect to read before going out to look for dandelions. In the story the wind blows and scatters dandelion seeds all about. We discover where each seed lands. There are also some useful facts at the back of the book.


Glenna’s Seeds is a story about a random act of kindness. Glenna, a young girl, gives a packet of seeds to her neighbor, and so begins a trail of random acts of kindness that brightens up the whole street.


Flip, Float, Fly: Seeds on the Move teaches us about different seeds and how they move. This was one of my daughter’s favorite books in this collection. She loved the illustrations.


Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! is another great book that encourages kids to get involved. In the story Buddy’s grandfather sends him five colorful bags and a note. Each bag has a surprise that helps learn about seeds. Kids can get their own seeds and join in as buddy sorts, collects and eats the seeds from his grandfather.


The Tiny Seed follows a single seed as it is whisked away by the autumn wind. On its yearlong journey readers discover all that the tiny seed goes through to eventually become a giant flower.


From Seed to Plant is part of the Rookie Read-About Science Series. It is a very simple nonfiction text that is perfect for beginning readers.


One Bean is another book that is great to use as you plant your own seeds. It walks kids through a planting a bean seed and watching it grow. My kids loved this one, because the details very closely mimicked what was happening with our bean seeds.


How a Seed Grows begins by telling a bit about seeds, where they can be found on different plants and how they can grow fast or slow. Then the book takes readers through the process of planting a seed and nurturing it to help it grow. This book is a wonderful companion to read as you are planting and monitoring the growth of your own seeds.


The simple text in Seeds Go, Seeds Grow makes it a great choice for preschoolers. The photographs, showing plants up close and in detail, are terrific. This is another nonfiction book that shares information about seeds, how they move, and where they can be found on different plants. For readers learning about nonfiction text features the book also includes a glossary and an index.


Ten Seeds we count backward from ten to one. A little boy has planted ten seeds, and one by one something happens to each seed that prevents it from growing. Then that last strong seeds turns into something beautiful. This book was a great way to talk about why we plant so many seeds and the kinds of things that can be harmful to seeds.


In the Garden is another board book. In it the main character plants some seeds and waits patiently. Then he seems to forget about the seeds, and something wonderful happens.


Planting Seeds is a simple rhyming board book. Count along and see what happens as ten bunnies plant seeds.


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