Handprint Reindeer Headbands

pretzel 023



  • Brown paper
  • White/Cream paper
  • Scissors
  • Stapler


  1. Trace children’s hands, write name on both… makes it easier to find them later!
  2. Cut strips from brown paper
  3. Staple two strips of brown paper together
  4. Measure child’s head and staple to fit. Make sure the staples are clipped outwards so they don’t hurt their heads!
  5. Staple or glue child’s handprints to correct band.

Try to label every section of the craft with the right name to make it easy to find the right child’s project. I did this project in sections. First I traced all the handprints. Labeled them. Then at nap time, I cut all the handprints out. It was useful to label the hands to find them when we stapled them to the head bands. I also added noses to the front and large print names to the back of the headbands. We used these at our Christmas Concert. It was fun and organized to have the headbands with the child’s name on them!




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