The Mitten


When Nicki drops his white mitten in the snow, he goes on without realizing that is is missing. One by one, woodland animals find the mitten and crawl in; first a curious mole, then a rabbit, a badger, ad others, each one larger than the last. finally, a big brown bear is followed in by a tiny brown mouse, and what happens next makes a wonderfully funny climax. as the story of the animals in the mitten unfolds, the reader can see Nicki in the borders of each page, walking through the woods unaware of what is going on. Once again Jan Brett has created a dramatic and beautiful picture book in her distinctive style. SHe brings the animals to life with warmth and humor, and her illustrations are full of visual delights and details faithful to the Ukrainian tradition, from which the story comes.

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Art : Child’s Hand Sewing Mittens

  • Have the child pick out a color of paper.
  • Trace hand leaving 1/2 inch to 1 inch around hand.
  • Have child cut on the line if age appropriate, if not double paper and cut two matching pairs
  • Punch holes with hole puncher about 1/2 inch apart along the edge of the paper mitten leaving room to string yarn without tearing paper.
  • Have child pick a color of yarn. Tie a knot  around a beginning hole to start and let them go. Figuring out how is an experience in itself. Try not to lead them, there is no right way to sew their mitten. It is an expression of themselves. Be encouraging and proud of whatever creation they make.

 Math: Matching

Make a matching game from patterned paper, by cutting out right and left mittens then laminate them to make them last, you can  use them over and over by changing the game. this can be a table game, a hide-and-seek game, and many more. This is also a great time to add the additional lesson of right and left, pairs, and matching.

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